In Africa And Elsewhere, A Curious Case: Why Do Women’s Rights Advance More Quickly After Major Conflict?

Uganda was the first post-conflict country where this trend became evident in Africa, with Rwanda next taking it to a whole new level, achieving what Nordic countries had done over the course of 100 years.

The Tragedy Of ‘Survival Sex’, Angry Men, Cheap Wives, And Violence: Tales Of Exploitation In Nigeria’s Camps

In the camps “men feel less like men”, and their bruised egos all too readily flare into violence. ilary

As The African Union Chiefs Meet, They Confront A Problem That Refuses To Go Away: The Continuing Threat Of Terrorism

The future of AMISOM has become uncertain. Problems regarding external funding and support for the mission have led to in a decision to begin withdrawing forces in 2018, ahead of a full pullout by 2020

Ethiopia’s Political Upheaval A Big Test For Infrastructure-Led Chinese Development Model In Africa

Ethiopia’s recent troubled history suggests while the enemies of government denounce oppression today, they don’t necessarily champion human rights when they seize power themselves tomorrow

The Seven Trends That Could Make Africa Stronger – Or Kill It If Badly Handled

Leaders have sometimes been unwilling to step down when ousted in a vote and use various methods, both legal and otherwise, to prolong their stay in power.