Goodbye 2017: In A Difficult Year, Some Wonderful Things Still Happened In Africa. How’s That Possible? (Part 1)

In many countries the politicians still hire relatives and their tribesmates, but their quality has improved. Because of the expansion of education, they are no longer the ill-educated villagers of years gone by.

With 120 Armed Groups, There’s So Much Violence In Eastern DR Congo, You Now Need An App To Keep Up

From June to November this year, at least 526 civilians were killed and 1,087 abducted or kidnapped for ransom in eastern DRC.

With 3,000 People Killed, 2017 Is The Disaster Year Democratic Republic Of Congo Would Like To Forget

Kabila’s government fears that if opposition leader Tshisekedi’s body is flown back to the DRC it will become the trigger for opposition protests.

Bad Cops – Why African Police Forces Are The Extremists’ Best ‘Friend’

“In African culture the police are there to intimidate, to coerce.” In Nigeria many stations have an informal torture officer.

The Horrors Continue In Burundi, As UN Security Council Discusses Damning Rights Report

“Extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture, sexual violence, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and enforced disappearances” continue in Burundi, says UN Commission of Enquiry.