From Refugee Camps In Uganda, Victims Of Ituri Conflict’s Sexual Violence Tell Stories Of Horror In Eastern Congo

“When I returned back home in the morning I thought I would find my husband and son…They were no more. They had been killed the same night I was terribly raped”

Not Sure Whether To Cry Or Laugh: Survey Finds Views Of Young East Africans Mirror Those Of The ‘Elders’ 

Results suggest corruption has been normalised in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Young people viewed bribery simply as “eating”, not an ethical aberration. Only Rwandan youth thought it was a big problem.

Why Comrades Go To War: Liberation Politics And The Outbreak Of Africa’s Most Complex And Deadliest Conflict

The First Congo War resulted from an alliance of countries spearheaded by panafricanist liberation movements from Rwanda, Uganda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia that led to the overthrowing of Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997 and resulted in Africa’s deadliest conflict

Inflated Numbers, Extortion, Women Trafficked Back Into South Sudan As ‘Wives’: Uganda’s Refugee Scandal

Ugandan officials accused of colluding with officials from the UN’s refugee agency and the World Food Programme to fiddle numbers.

What Pushed 6 Nations To Join The AU’s Mission In Somalia: Politics, Economics, Prestige, And Some Ethics

Myth vs. reality: what do Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia really gain from contributing troops to the AMISOM mission?