Africa Has Seen Big Democratic Progress, But Level Of Civil Liberties Has Fallen Every Year For A Decade Now

In Gambia an entrenched autocrat was forced from power. In Ghana, a sitting president lost an election for the first time, but…

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West Africa Issues Wake-Up Call To Africa’s Tyrants: Holding Former Rulers Accountable For Atrocities Catching On In Region?

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Barrow Is Riding High On A Wave Of Popularity. Can He Deliver On The Promise Of A ‘New Gambia’?

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Africa Faces New Threat To Its Democracy: The ‘Constitutional Coup’ aka ‘Third Term Tragedy’

In the 1990s many African states reinvented their constitutions to build good political societies. They moved away from one-party authoritarian states. The limitations on presidential terms have not entirely quashed a culture of entitlement to rule