Why African Fans Love European Football: A Senegalese Perspective

While local Senegalese league teams play in almost deserted stadia, audiences crowd around televisions to follow the latest matches of the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, or the pan-European UEFA Champions League.

Africa’s Return Migrants: Myth And Reality About Their Contributions To The Continent

One insinuation was that the state of politics in Africa is so dismal that even the Gambia’s Adama Barrow, a former Argos security guard, can become a president.

France And Africa: Macron Sounds Ashamed Of Colonial Past, But His Words Shouldn’t Be Confused With Reality

To this day African countries such as Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Gabon, are required to deposit two-thirds of their foreign exchange surpluses into a French operations account.

At Today’s Rate Would Take UN 337 Years To Get Enough Women Peacekeepers: We’re Missing Out On A Great Thing

Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Rwanda, and Senegal between them provide 30% of the UN’s total peacekeeping force.

Rice, Onion Seeds And A Senegalese ‘Peasant’ Farmer Leader With Mojo: Sowing Renewal In Rural Africa

Many villages are witnessing an influx back from both The Gambia and Senegalese cities.