Goodbye 2017: In A Difficult Year, 10 Small And Big Moments Worth Toasting To In Africa (Part 2)

It’s not about the country with the most resources. The issue is being able to dare and try it.

Is Rwanda’s Agricultural Revolution The Success It Claims To Be? Yes, But Mostly No

Rwanda’s land and agricultural policies diminished land-tenure security, excluded vulnerable groups from taking part in the agricultural programs and caused food insecurity for many small-scale farmers.

Israel Offers African Asylum Seekers Jail Or Deportation, As Rwanda To Get $5,000 A Head To Take Them In

There are 40,000 African asylum seekers in Israel, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea. In the last few years many have been held during the nights in a desert detention facility.

Opening The ‘Black Box’: The Aid Industry And Authoritarian Politics In Africa

It would be misleading to see Rwanda as a “donor darling” only during Kagame’s time – it was even before the genocide. Kagame himself has little interest in what donors say or do.

Dirty Dogs And Filth: Shocking Hate Speech Kicks Up More Trouble In Burundi

Among the targets of violent threats has been former president Domitien Ndayizeye after he spoke out against the ruling party’s youth wing’s call for female opposition supporters to be raped or even killed.