African Musicians ‘Fed Up’: Senegal’s Rappers Continue To ‘Cry From The Heart’ For A Better Society 

In many African countries musicians are in the vanguard of popular struggles. In Seun Kuti carries on the legacy of his father Fela by confronting the country’s venal political elite. In Burkina Faso rappers helped overthrow Blaise Compaore

Great Insights From Nigeria’s Once-Ridiculed Tutuola On Thinking, Researching And Writing About Africa

Tutuola was dismissed by his critics as a relic of a dying and forgotten past of a dark continent that was awakening and harkening to the call of Europe’s colonising civilisation. How wrong they were!

Goodbye 2017: In A Difficult Year, Some Wonderful Things Still Happened In Africa. How’s That Possible? (Part 1)

In many countries the politicians still hire relatives and their tribesmates, but their quality has improved. Because of the expansion of education, they are no longer the ill-educated villagers of years gone by.

How The ‘Africa Rising’ Story Went Up In Smoke: Here’s How To Get It Right Next Time

Of the world’s top 10 countries in real GDP growth rates for 2012, five were African – then disaster struck. In 2016, only two African countries made it into the top ten global GDP growth contest.

Country Music Is Hugely Popular In Africa, But There’s A Wrinkle – It’s Nearly All Imported

“The allure of country music in Africa is its iconic characters – the gamblers and the highway men, the handwringing mothers and the cock-sure sons…the grievous angels and the folks who just ain’t no good”