How The ‘Africa Rising’ Story Went Up In Smoke: Here’s How To Get It Right Next Time

Of the world’s top 10 countries in real GDP growth rates for 2012, five were African – then disaster struck. In 2016, only two African countries made it into the top ten global GDP growth contest.

Country Music Is Hugely Popular In Africa, But There’s A Wrinkle – It’s Nearly All Imported

“The allure of country music in Africa is its iconic characters – the gamblers and the highway men, the handwringing mothers and the cock-sure sons…the grievous angels and the folks who just ain’t no good”

Bad Cops – Why African Police Forces Are The Extremists’ Best ‘Friend’

“In African culture the police are there to intimidate, to coerce.” In Nigeria many stations have an informal torture officer.

Africa Has Seen Big Democratic Progress, But Level Of Civil Liberties Has Fallen Every Year For A Decade Now

In Gambia an entrenched autocrat was forced from power. In Ghana, a sitting president lost an election for the first time, but…

In Other Places, Proceeds Of Corruption Are Ploughed Back Into The Economy – Not So In Africa

In the cases of Malawi and Nigeria, the fight against corruption has clearly been favoured by changes in government.