She Needed $15 To Save Her Son, But Had Only $5. He Died: How A Gold Mine Brought Only Misery In Liberia

New Liberty Gold has the backing of the World Bank’s IFC. A recent report by Oxfam found that 84% of the IFC’s investments in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015 used tax havens.

In Africa And Elsewhere, A Curious Case: Why Do Women’s Rights Advance More Quickly After Major Conflict?

Uganda was the first post-conflict country where this trend became evident in Africa, with Rwanda next taking it to a whole new level, achieving what Nordic countries had done over the course of 100 years.

‘People’s Science’: Three Years On, Some Of The ‘Secrets’ How West Africa Fought Ebola Are Told

The civil defence groups, which had protected villages from the notoriously brutal rebels in Sierra Leone and Liberia during the civil wars, were revived as taskforces to track Ebola cases and enforce quarantines