West Africa Issues Wake-Up Call To Africa’s Tyrants: Holding Former Rulers Accountable For Atrocities Catching On In Region?

The rest of the continent has so far remained largely immune from the contagion of international criminal justice sweeping West Africa.

Gambia Crisis: Why Is West Africa Eager To Intervene, But Other Regional Groups Are Soft On Rogue Leaders?

Unlike other regions of Africa, there’s a growing body of former opposition leaders in power in ECOWAS, including Nigeria’s Buhari, Liberia’s Sirleaf and Senegal’s Sall. They know the pain

West Africa Prepares Military Action Against Gambia’s Jammeh: Army Chief Says Won’t Stop Them, Calls It ‘Stupid Fight’

The ECOWAS regional grouping has intervened in all major hot spots within its bloc ranging from the civil war in Liberia in 1990 to the post-election crisis in Côte d’Ivoire in 2011

In Cote d’Ivorie, A Nation Of Migrants, A Referendum On The Constitution Raises Dust

The proposed constitution maintains a two-term limit, which 85% of Ivoirians support and establishes a senate, one-third of who will be directly appointed by the president