Israel Offers African Asylum Seekers Jail Or Deportation, As Rwanda To Get $5,000 A Head To Take Them In

There are 40,000 African asylum seekers in Israel, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea. In the last few years many have been held during the nights in a desert detention facility.

A Dangerous Military Race In Horn Of Africa: How The Gulf Crisis Could Lead Ethiopia, Eritrea And Djibouti To War

A meeting of the Nile Basin states called by Ugandan President Museveni broke down, a reflection of growing Egyptian-Ethiopian tensions. Egypt meanwhile is boosting military cooperation with Eritrea.

Eritrea, Africa’s Hermit Nation, Is Booming Thanks To Trump And The War In Yemen. Ethiopia Is Shivering

Several hundred Eritrean troops are said to be fighting in the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen, which has sparked a rush on Eritrean coastal real estate by Gulf states.

Two Migrant Domestic Workers Die In Lebanon Every Week, But The Ethiopians, Kenyans…Keep Coming

The bodies of 138 migrant domestic workers were repatriated from Lebanon between January 2016 and April this year.

In Africa And Elsewhere, A Curious Case: Why Do Women’s Rights Advance More Quickly After Major Conflict?

Uganda was the first post-conflict country where this trend became evident in Africa, with Rwanda next taking it to a whole new level, achieving what Nordic countries had done over the course of 100 years.