There Are Fewer And Fewer Outright Dictatorships In Africa; Welcome To The New Era Of  ‘Masquerade Democracies’

Nearly all of Africa has opposition parties – which is more than can be said for China. While opposition leaders face intimidation, their troubles are minor in comparison to the deadly retribution meted out in Russia

‘Love Does Not Win Elections’: A Hilarious Book Delivers Unique Insight Into The Politics Of An African Country

The candidate has to fend off people offering to secure prayers for her candidacy. With three degrees, two from Harvard, she finds herself kneeling, seeking the blessings of those with different powers

Kenya Stumbles Into Crisis After Opposition Leader Odinga Is ‘Sworn In’ And State Responds With Crackdown

Anyone concerned about peace, security, and human progress in Africa generally, and in East Africa in particular, should be keenly following the ongoing governance and constitutional developments in Kenya.

With 3,000 People Killed, 2017 Is The Disaster Year Democratic Republic Of Congo Would Like To Forget

Kabila’s government fears that if opposition leader Tshisekedi’s body is flown back to the DRC it will become the trigger for opposition protests.

Against Difficult Odds Local African Elections Observers Getting Better, As Foreign ‘Tourists’ Missions Face Growing Criticism

In some places strong gains made by the opposition, ironically lead to more repression against democracy activists rather than open up the political space.