Yemen, Somalia Strategic Value Fuels Their Suffering: The United Arab Emirates Makes Its Indian Ocean Play

The UAE has already “all but annexed” Socotra island, a poor, remote, and ecologically unique part of Yemen, off the coast of the Horn of Africa

Sudan The Rhino’s Death Played Out Differently In Africa This Time…Because It Told A Troubling Story About Us

In Africa diligent environmental management, is a fairly reliable proxy for broader good governance. Efficient and less corrupt governments tend to be better conservationists

More Than 10 Years Later, It’s Still Hell; Women Carry The Burden Of Ugandan War Trauma

A study found that northern Uganda had the highest rate of post-traumatic stress and depression ever recorded among displaced and conflict-affected populations anywhere in the world.

What Causes Modern Famines? Surprise, Weather Has Almost Nothing To Do With It, And Africa Isn’t The Worst Hit

Armed conflict, and active political repression are to blame for more than 75% of all recent famines.

With 3,000 People Killed, 2017 Is The Disaster Year Democratic Republic Of Congo Would Like To Forget

Kabila’s government fears that if opposition leader Tshisekedi’s body is flown back to the DRC it will become the trigger for opposition protests.