Africa Has Seen Big Democratic Progress, But Level Of Civil Liberties Has Fallen Every Year For A Decade Now

In Gambia an entrenched autocrat was forced from power. In Ghana, a sitting president lost an election for the first time, but…

America’s Humiliation Of African Union Chief Faki Should Push Continent’s Regional Powers Into New Action

The snub signals the return of the US/Africa policy that held sway from 1960 to 2001 when the continent was on the back burner in Washington.

Gambia Crisis: Why Is West Africa Eager To Intervene, But Other Regional Groups Are Soft On Rogue Leaders?

Unlike other regions of Africa, there’s a growing body of former opposition leaders in power in ECOWAS, including Nigeria’s Buhari, Liberia’s Sirleaf and Senegal’s Sall. They know the pain

TRAGIC NUMBER: Over 800 Died On South Africa’s Roads During Christmas Holiday Vs. 74 Over 8 Months In Botswana

Though December 2016 data is not yet in, Kenya which also tends to have high road accident deaths recorded 350 fatalties over all of December in 2015 – less than half South Africa’s

Why Zuma Dislikes Democratic Khama – And Pretoria Thinks He’s Not A Pan-Africanist – But Loves Autocratic Mugabe

Gaborone suspects South Africa is “de-campaigning” its Foreign minister Venson-Moitoi for the African Union top job, and could throw her under the bus despite SADC backing