America’s Humiliation Of African Union Chief Faki Should Push Continent’s Regional Powers Into New Action

The snub signals the return of the US/Africa policy that held sway from 1960 to 2001 when the continent was on the back burner in Washington.

Gambia Crisis: Why Is West Africa Eager To Intervene, But Other Regional Groups Are Soft On Rogue Leaders?

Unlike other regions of Africa, there’s a growing body of former opposition leaders in power in ECOWAS, including Nigeria’s Buhari, Liberia’s Sirleaf and Senegal’s Sall. They know the pain

Why Zuma Dislikes Democratic Khama – And Pretoria Thinks He’s Not A Pan-Africanist – But Loves Autocratic Mugabe

Gaborone suspects South Africa is “de-campaigning” its Foreign minister Venson-Moitoi for the African Union top job, and could throw her under the bus despite SADC backing