Hunting For Gambia’s Jammeh: Things Aren’t So Cushy Nowadays As They Were For The African Dictators Of Old

There may come a time when Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang Nguema, now Africa’s longest-serving leader and no mug, thinks Jammeh is the right card for him to play.

Breaking Bad In Burundi: After A Bloody Power Grab, Nkurunziza Now Say’s He’ll Quit In 2020. Will He?

If you were among the many who were pleasantly surprised that Nkurunziza said he’d bow out, be ready to be disappointed

Africa’s Problem Isn’t That It Controls Borders Too Rigidly, But That It Doesn’t Control Them Enough – As Disputes Grow

Border disputes have proliferated, as only a third of Africa’s 83,000 km of land borders are properly demarcated!

There Are Fewer And Fewer Outright Dictatorships In Africa; Welcome To The New Era Of  ‘Masquerade Democracies’

Nearly all of Africa has opposition parties – which is more than can be said for China. While opposition leaders face intimidation, their troubles are minor in comparison to the deadly retribution meted out in Russia

Piracy Is Back In East African Waters With Economic Cost At $1.4 Billion, Report Says

The “incidents” include suspicious activity, failed attacks, and, for the first time in two years, hijackings and kidnappings