Africa Loses $148 Billion To Corruption And $2 Trillion In Money Laundering A Year: Time To End Financial Crime

The continent risks becoming a safe haven or a hub for criminals evading justice elsewhere and, in the area of corruption the AU estimates that 25% of the GDP of African states goes down the drain every year.

‘Women And The War On Boko Haram: Wives, Weapons, Witnesses’ Is A Provocative Insight Into Their Life In The Jihadist Group

Boko Haram offers relatively better life for some women than north Nigerian society. Many women have looked to religion for a space of relative autonomy, generating the apparent paradox of female support for sharia law

‘A Moonless, Starless Sky’: The Lives Of Ordinary People Hidden Behind Headlines Of Violence And War Zones

Okeowo grew up in Alabama and moved to Uganda and then Nigeria as a young adult to experience her family’s homeland

Why The Film ‘Winnie’, About Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Nailed It As A Good Documentary

In death, as in life, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela divided opinions. This documentary is the first film to tell the story of her life from her own point of view in a substantial and artistic way

Kabila Thinks Congo Is Better Than Yemen, Syria – Boycotts Donor Conference, Saying His Isn’t A Country With Skyrocketing Emergency Needs

Faced with an angry Kinshasa, UN quickly removed DRC from classification as one of the countries with the worst crises in the world