Journey To Extremism In Africa: Why People Join Groups Like Boko Haram And Al-Shabaab

Religious education can actually inoculate against extremism. Employment was the single most frequently cited reason for joining an extremist groups.

Africa Urbanising Fast, But We Might Be Wrong About Why It’s Happening. Here’s What We’ve Neglected

In 23 sub-Saharan African countries, urbanisation would have happened without a single person moving from a rural area to an urban one.

Africa’s Return Migrants: Myth And Reality About Their Contributions To The Continent

One insinuation was that the state of politics in Africa is so dismal that even the Gambia’s Adama Barrow, a former Argos security guard, can become a president.

65 Million People Worldwide Displaced By War, Violence, Or Persecution. What Can Be Good About That?

In 2016 more than 55% of refugees came from just three countries, but South Sudan has replaced Somalia as one of those countries.

Polio Is Down 99% Yes, But Then There’s DR Congo And Other Conflict-Troubled Places

There were only 37 reported polio cases last year – that’s largely down to courageous health workers who have defied militant attacks to vaccinate populations in dangerous places.