Despite Impressive Economic Growth, Ethiopia Can’t Seem To Escape The Menace Of Drought. Why?

There is donor fatigue regarding droughts in East Africa, and Addis Ababa has faced accusations it played down the severity of the crisis to keep the country from looking bad internationally.

New African Literature Disrupts The Game, Finds New Friends And Haters At Home And Abroad

The Cameroonian novelist Imbolo Mbue captured a million-dollar contract for her first book, “Behold the Dreamers”. That’s even before it joined the Oprah’s Book Club pantheon this year.

Bad Cops – Why African Police Forces Are The Extremists’ Best ‘Friend’

“In African culture the police are there to intimidate, to coerce.” In Nigeria many stations have an informal torture officer.

Journey To Extremism In Africa: Why People Join Groups Like Boko Haram And Al-Shabaab

Religious education can actually inoculate against extremism. Employment was the single most frequently cited reason for joining an extremist groups.

Africa Urbanising Fast, But We Might Be Wrong About Why It’s Happening. Here’s What We’ve Neglected

In 23 sub-Saharan African countries, urbanisation would have happened without a single person moving from a rural area to an urban one.