The Father Of Ethiopian Jazz And Master, Mulatu Astatke, Remains A Musician In Motion

By 1958 Mulatu was the first African student to enroll at what would soon become the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He never migrated abroad as many Ethiopian musicians did in the difficult years of Mengistu’s rule.

By Backing Somaliland’s Port, Ethiopia Seeks To Grow More Muscle And Change Power Dynamics In Horn of Africa

Addis Ababa seeks to maintain Eritrea’s isolation, and weaken it to the point that it implodes and is formally reunited with Ethiopia. Or it becomes a pliant, client state

Old Cliches And Beijing’s Racism Blindspot: China’s Media Struggles To Overcome Stereotypes Of Africa

A Chinese actress in full blackface comes on stage wearing a colourful yellow dress, fully equipped with oversized butt pads, carrying a fruit plate on her head and leading a cheerful monkey played by an African actor

Hello Addis Ababa, Kampala, Lomé, Nairobi And Africa’s Many ‘Nature Cities’, Here’s A Toast To Your Roots

Those who think that Africans have no strong relationship with nature, or need more education and convincing about wildlife and wildlands, there’s history to prove them wrong

African Musicians ‘Fed Up’: Senegal’s Rappers Continue To ‘Cry From The Heart’ For A Better Society 

In many African countries musicians are in the vanguard of popular struggles. In Seun Kuti carries on the legacy of his father Fela by confronting the country’s venal political elite. In Burkina Faso rappers helped overthrow Blaise Compaore