Meet Nigeria’s ‘Baba IDP’, The Local Hero Making Sure Boko Haram Victims Aren’t Left To Die

He has written dozens of letters marked “SOS” and seeking financial assistance. When they go unanswered, an already-poor Halilu often takes out personal loans to make sure feed patients get fed.

There Are Fewer And Fewer Outright Dictatorships In Africa; Welcome To The New Era Of  ‘Masquerade Democracies’

Nearly all of Africa has opposition parties – which is more than can be said for China. While opposition leaders face intimidation, their troubles are minor in comparison to the deadly retribution meted out in Russia

A Complex Mix Of Corruption, Politics And Violence Threatens Mozambique’s Fragile Stability

Assassinations are growing, and corruption and state penetration by organised crime are deepening

New Analysis Shows Africa’s Growth Is Bouncing Back, Projected To Reach 3.1% In 2018, And 3.6% For 2019-20

Low access rates and lack of reliable and affordable electricity present a challenge to rapid economic development in Africa

The Namibians Who Are Reclaiming Photography After Colonialism: Images Of Africans Fascinated By White Technology – Cameras, Airplanes, Cars – Are Very Political 

Up to 80% of the Herero in Namibia were wiped out by the German colonial military machine. Archives contain images of proud German troops standing to attention next to the hanged bodies of Herero prisoners