Cry Beloved Zimbabwe: Can New Leaders Fix Its Potemkin Economy Now That Mugabe Is Out?

US dollar notes are smuggled out of the country or jealously hoarded in pillows and under mattresses. “You can rig elections, but you cannot rig the economy”.

Hugh Masekela: Jazz Great With A Sharp Ear For The Music Of Today, Not Yesterday, Takes A Break To Heal

The wild, rebellious Masekela of the 60s and 70s played donated on a horn donated by Louis Armstrong. He transformed  into an elder statesman of social activism.

How The ‘Africa Rising’ Story Went Up In Smoke: Here’s How To Get It Right Next Time

Of the world’s top 10 countries in real GDP growth rates for 2012, five were African – then disaster struck. In 2016, only two African countries made it into the top ten global GDP growth contest.

History Of The Struggle Against Apartheid, By The Man Who Kept Torch Of South African Liberalism Alight

Over the past two decades, the South African comrades have been very busy rewriting the history of the struggle against apartheid by trying to expunge liberal opposition to racial discrimination.

Seven Key Trends For Africa’s Future: Some Are Good, Others Very Scary

Conflict in Africa is causing fewer fatalities than in the 1990s, but the number of violent incidents is increasing, and violence is becoming more complex.