For Africa’s People, Culture And Heritage Run Much Deeper: They Are A Form Of Liberation

Africans the world over have employed language, belief, ritual, clothes, hairstyles, stories and food to resist and transform colonisers’ religions and cultural practices.

‘I Will Not Be Just Average’: How Football Took Aloh Francis From Uganda’s Warzone To Vietnam And Back

More than 50 years ago, six footballers from northern travelled to England. Famously playing barefoot, they defeated the Great British Olympic team 2-1. One of them, Okot p’Bitek, remained to study, going on to become a renowned East African poet.

Africa Must Industrialise If It Wants To Become Truly Rich – Everything Else Is Just Spitting In The Ocean

Manufacturing in Africa is six times more productive than agriculture. The growth in services on the continent has contributed to no or slow growth in overall per capita income.

Weber Said There Is A Link Between Big Love Of God And Prosperity: Why Then Is Nigeria So Religious, Yet So Poor?

“If prayers were enough”, said American preacher TD Jakes, “Nigeria would be one of the richest countries in the world”.

Meet Nigeria’s ‘Baba IDP’, The Local Hero Making Sure Boko Haram Victims Aren’t Left To Die

He has written dozens of letters marked “SOS” and seeking financial assistance. When they go unanswered, an already-poor Halilu often takes out personal loans to make sure feed patients get fed.