Power-Poor Sub-Sahara Africa Has 229Kms Of Transmissions Lines Per Million People – Brazil Has 610Km!

The annual investment needed between 2015 and 2040 in all sectors of power production in Africa ranges between $33.4 billion to $63 billion per year.

In An Africa First, Kenya’s Top Court Overturns A Presidential Election: Here Are 6 Reasons That Was Possible

To argue that Kenya’s Supreme Court ruled against a presidential election because it is “independent” is the same as saying eggs come from the supermarket. The story is more complex.

Kagame’s Next 7 Years, And The Path To Glory – Or Slippery Road To Heartbreak (Part II)

The potential quandary for Kagame is that Rwanda could become his “Hotel California” of which The Eagles famously sung: he can check out, but he can never leave.

As Kenya Votes, It Feels Like A Beautiful Face And Mind That Are Trapped In An Ugly Body

Even if the political rhetoric in this Kenya election was angry and divisive, it still did not fall to the ethnic-filled bile of 2007 and 2013.

Nigeria To Add 212 Million City Dwellers By 2050 – Equivalent To Present Population Of Germany, France And UK

In Benin’s capital Cotonou, Togo’s Lomé and Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou the informal sector accounts for over 80% of non-agricultural employment.