In The Shadow Of The ‘Great Helsman’: 20 Years After His Death, Mobutu Sese Seko Lives On In Joseph Kabila

The senior Kabila followed the path of “Mobutism without Mobutu.” His son, Joseph Kabila, has perfected it.

Journey To Extremism In Africa: Why People Join Groups Like Boko Haram And Al-Shabaab

Religious education can actually inoculate against extremism. Employment was the single most frequently cited reason for joining an extremist groups.

In An Africa First, Kenya’s Top Court Overturns A Presidential Election: Here Are 6 Reasons That Was Possible

To argue that Kenya’s Supreme Court ruled against a presidential election because it is “independent” is the same as saying eggs come from the supermarket. The story is more complex.

How Social Media And Fake News Are Eating Traditional Media’s Lunch In Kenya

Kenya mainstream media’s escape into “peace journalism” has turned it into a bystander, creating a vacuum that has now been filled by fake news.

Dirty Dogs And Filth: Shocking Hate Speech Kicks Up More Trouble In Burundi

Among the targets of violent threats has been former president Domitien Ndayizeye after he spoke out against the ruling party’s youth wing’s call for female opposition supporters to be raped or even killed.