Two Must-Read New Books Tell The Disturbing And Sad Story Of South Africa’s Fall From Grace

The “President’s Keepers” has, within a week, become a global best seller, helped partly by attempts by South Africa’s State Security Agency to stop its publication.

The Epidemic Of Rebellion In Eastern DR Congo: More Insurgent Groups Than You Can Shake A Stick At

In Beni Territory attacks have led more than 81,000 commercial farmers to abandon their fields and to a total revenue loss of some $1.9 billion.

Despite Impressive Economic Growth, Ethiopia Can’t Seem To Escape The Menace Of Drought. Why?

There is donor fatigue regarding droughts in East Africa, and Addis Ababa has faced accusations it played down the severity of the crisis to keep the country from looking bad internationally.

The Worst Attack In History Of Somali Capital Mogadishu, Also Brings Out The Best In A Shell-Shocked Country  

Paris extinguished the lights on the Eiffel Tower on October 16 at midnight, and Toronto’s iconic name sign was illuminated in blue and white of Somalia’s flag to pay respect to those affected.

Big Progress, Yes, But Still Less Than 10% Of African Children Make It To Higher Education

More African children are in school today than ever and over the past 50 years, primary completion rates have more than doubled while completion of lower secondary school has increased five-fold.