Memo To Africa’s Leaders: Your Intentions Are Admirable, But Jobs Cannot Be Created By Force

The idea of modern Nigeria as a nation of farmers is an absurd concept; not everybody wants to be a farmer and clearly, not everybody should

Another Vote, Another Call To Boycott It: Life May Get Worse Before It Gets Better For Many In Burundi

A referendum vote on May 17 could see President Pierre Nkurunziza, in power since 2005, remain in office until 2034

You’ve Heard It Before, But Here’s The Evidence: Good Roads Matter, And Ethiopian Firms Prove It

Trade liberalisation can boost the productivity of firms in developing countries, but only if they have access to good roads

Bodies Of Genocide Victims Are Still Being Found Today 24 Years Later, As Rwandans Wrestle With Memory And Healing

The genocide commemoration ceremonies take place over 100 days, known as the Kwibuka period, beginning on April 7 each year

Kabila Thinks Congo Is Better Than Yemen, Syria – Boycotts Donor Conference, Saying His Isn’t A Country With Skyrocketing Emergency Needs

Faced with an angry Kinshasa, UN quickly removed DRC from classification as one of the countries with the worst crises in the world