Over 82% Of New Registered South African Voters Under 30 And 54% Are Young Women – The Rest Is Bad News

Young women and men globally are snubbing power dynamics and gender inequality in the workplace, as seen with the #MeToo campaign.

‘Women And The War On Boko Haram: Wives, Weapons, Witnesses’ Is A Provocative Insight Into Their Life In The Jihadist Group

Boko Haram offers relatively better life for some women than north Nigerian society. Many women have looked to religion for a space of relative autonomy, generating the apparent paradox of female support for sharia law

Songs And Radio Shows: How An Increasingly Woke People Are Helping To Defeat Ebola In Congo

Sacraments such as baptisms and anointing ceremonies have been suspended to avert risk of transmitting Ebola, but the superstitious who believe it’s all witchcraft, and the sceptics who see a western conspiracy, still abound

Fulani Militias Are Nigeria’s Lesser-Known Threat, And This Year Have Been More Deadly Than Boko Haram

President Buhari, himself a Fulani and in failing health, has been “slow to respond”

In Face Of Brexit And As Trump Turns Back On Rest Of The World, Africa Sticks Together – But Many Hurdles Remain

Africa Day is a good occasion to reflect on progress of the African Union. It has come a long way, but two years after the launch of its reforms effort, there are still notable divisions between member states and regions