African Economies Face Worst Debt Risk In 10 Years, And The Vultures Are Circling To Pick Off The Carcass

The Vultures Are Circling To Pick Off The Carcass
More than half of the external debt in sub-Saharan Africa is from commercial lenders, governments, and bond markets, not concessional lenders like the World Bank.

Angola, Rwanda, Ethiopia Make Big Progress In Reducing Hunger, But In Africa Full Stomachs Still Belong To The Richer

Stunting rates range between 10% in prosperous areas of southern Nigeria to over 50% in parts of the north.

For Africa’s People, Culture And Heritage Run Much Deeper: They Are A Form Of Liberation

Africans the world over have employed language, belief, ritual, clothes, hairstyles, stories and food to resist and transform colonisers’ religions and cultural practices.

South Africa At War With Itself: It’s Becoming More Violent, And Is One Of The 10 Most Murderous Countries In The World

Violence affects all South Africans, with the greatest impact on black and poor people. Young black men have the highest chance of being murdered. Violence against children and women is at the root of this problem.

Citizen Of A Resource-Rich African Country? Then You’re Likely To Be Less Educated And To Die Earlier – Seriously

Even more shocking is that living in a resource-rich country makes you more likely to suffer domestic violence, by a full 9 percentage points.