Africa Has Seen Big Democratic Progress, But Level Of Civil Liberties Has Fallen Every Year For A Decade Now

In Gambia an entrenched autocrat was forced from power. In Ghana, a sitting president lost an election for the first time, but…

Opening The ‘Black Box’: The Aid Industry And Authoritarian Politics In Africa

It would be misleading to see Rwanda as a “donor darling” only during Kagame’s time – it was even before the genocide. Kagame himself has little interest in what donors say or do.

Whose Record Is It Anyway? Digging Up And Reissuing Old African Music Is ‘New Colonialism’

A podcast has suggested that the latest urge to buy up African vinyl and to compile generically and geographically determined compilations is yet one more (white) western scramble for Africa.

In This Corner Of West Africa, Poverty, Corruption And Broken Promises Are A Blessing For Boko Haram

“(State officials) take public offices for banquets. They are not accountable”

Politically Incorrect Blast From The Past: Africa’s Slums, Leafy Suburbs, Its ‘New’ Children, Music And Beautiful Future

New imaginations, “new” peoples will emerge from the crazy demographic and cultural mix in the slums and create an Africa that is brazenly outward looking.