A New ‘Scramble For Africans’: Once Continent’s Soaring Population Was Alarming, Today It’s A Big Opportunity. Why?

Africa is a continent about which many wildly different stories have been told. It has not always been provided the chance to tell its own stories.

‘Women And The War On Boko Haram: Wives, Weapons, Witnesses’ Is A Provocative Insight Into Their Life In The Jihadist Group

Boko Haram offers relatively better life for some women than north Nigerian society. Many women have looked to religion for a space of relative autonomy, generating the apparent paradox of female support for sharia law

Of Madiba’s Elite Networks, Homeboys And Girls: A Review Of ‘Mandela’s Kinsmen’

It is an effortless weaving of the politics of the apartheid state, the Transkei, liberation movements, and chiefly politics into an interconnected narrative of shifting power relations

‘A Moonless, Starless Sky’: The Lives Of Ordinary People Hidden Behind Headlines Of Violence And War Zones

Okeowo grew up in Alabama and moved to Uganda and then Nigeria as a young adult to experience her family’s homeland

Work Hard, Read Your Books, And University Will Be A Breeze…Or Will It? Pointers From South Africa

Class and social capital affect university students. The idea that higher education is a meritocracy is fiction