Two Must-Read New Books Tell The Disturbing And Sad Story Of South Africa’s Fall From Grace

The “President’s Keepers” has, within a week, become a global best seller, helped partly by attempts by South Africa’s State Security Agency to stop its publication.

Book Revisits Tanzania’s Nyerere: Saint, Dictator, Nation Builder And African Statesman All Rolled Into One

The book also highlights Nyerere’s power consolidation through overt and covert means. However, his voluntary retirement from the presidency in 1985 meant that he took the elder statesman mantle.

History Of The Struggle Against Apartheid, By The Man Who Kept Torch Of South African Liberalism Alight

Over the past two decades, the South African comrades have been very busy rewriting the history of the struggle against apartheid by trying to expunge liberal opposition to racial discrimination.

New African Literature Disrupts The Game, Finds New Friends And Haters At Home And Abroad

The Cameroonian novelist Imbolo Mbue captured a million-dollar contract for her first book, “Behold the Dreamers”. That’s even before it joined the Oprah’s Book Club pantheon this year.

Africa’s Media Image In The 21st Century: From The ‘Heart Of Darkness’ To ‘Africa Rising’

One of the book’s feats is that the cover does not feature a white saviour, no acacia or baobab trees or the insufferable sunset imagery.