Opening The ‘Black Box’: The Aid Industry And Authoritarian Politics In Africa

It would be misleading to see Rwanda as a “donor darling” only during Kagame’s time – it was even before the genocide. Kagame himself has little interest in what donors say or do.

A Brilliant But Depressing Book To Read: The Real Politics Of The Horn Of Africa

Politics in the Horn is best understood as a marketplace, where the currency is money and violence.

Africa’s Return Migrants: Myth And Reality About Their Contributions To The Continent

One insinuation was that the state of politics in Africa is so dismal that even the Gambia’s Adama Barrow, a former Argos security guard, can become a president.

South Sudan: A New History For A New Nation, Starting From 11,000 Years Ago

Along the way, we are introduced to figures of significance in the history of the country that go beyond the usual list of coup leaders and heads of factions in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

Chicken And Egg In Africa – Clothing Poverty: The Hidden World Of Fast Fashion And Second-Hand Clothes

An exposition of the entwined economies of clothes’ production in Asia, over-consumption and clothing waste in Europe and the US, and clothes’ afterlife in Africa’s second-hand markets.