Erdogan Knocks On Doors As Turkey Makes Remarkable Advance Into Sub-Saharan Africa: What’s It All About?

Turkey moved from 12 embassies in Africa in 2009 to the present 39, with another soon to open in Equatorial Guinea. African embassies in Ankara grew from about 10 to 32 during the same period

Deeply Unpopular At Home, Hollande Looks To Shore Legacy By Holding This Week’s Africa-France Summit In Mali

Chad’s Déby, Togo’s Bongo and other incumbents – reportedly including Zimbabwe’s ubiquitous Mugabe – safely ensconced in power by fair means or foul, will preen before the cameras and bask in France’s official approval

Where Will Africa Be In 2030? If ‘Politics Of The Belly’ Rules, Many Would Still Be Trapped In Extreme Poverty

By 2045–2050 the continent could start catching up with the world, largely due to structural changes in the global economy rather than to changes in Africa itself

Tanzania’s Magufuli Starts His Second Year: New Kind Of African Leader, Or Same Old Autocrat Is The Question

One K Manchester tweeted: “#WhatWouldMagufuliDo? Jail Tanzanians for airing political opinions on social media. Get over it Mags”.

Why Zuma Dislikes Democratic Khama – And Pretoria Thinks He’s Not A Pan-Africanist – But Loves Autocratic Mugabe

Gaborone suspects South Africa is “de-campaigning” its Foreign minister Venson-Moitoi for the African Union top job, and could throw her under the bus despite SADC backing