China Couldn’t Save Them All: Indebted Africa Returns To IMF, That Old Hated Banker

The number of sub-Saharan African countries in debt distress or facing high risk of debt distress rose from 7 in 2013 to 12 in 2016…time for bailouts.

Africa’s Problem Isn’t That It Controls Borders Too Rigidly, But That It Doesn’t Control Them Enough – As Disputes Grow

Border disputes have proliferated, as only a third of Africa’s 83,000 km of land borders are properly demarcated!

Southern Africa Looks Good As Political Dinosaurs Leave: Real Change Or Shift From One-Man States To One-Party States?

Angola’s Lourenço, Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa and South Africa’s Ramaphosa all made star turns at last week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, visibly signalling re-entry into the global community.

Over 700,000 African Migrants In Libya’s ‘Slave’ Camps Where Some Are Sold: Can A Shocked World Stop The Horror?

In April IOM warned that its staff in Niger and Libya had “documented shocking events on North African migrant routes, which they have described as “slave markets”.

In Big Hit ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ Chinese Hero Takes On Africa’s Bad Guys: What It Says About Beijing’s Game On The Continent

After its peacekeeepers were killed in South Sudan and Mali, many Chinese citizens demanded revenge.