DR Congo, Tanzania And Zambia Are Africa’s Most ‘Neighbour-Rich’ Nations. What Do They Have To Show For It?

To the contrary, the countries with most neighbours are bettered by the likes of Rwanda, Mauritius and Ghana in having more open borders, with DRC being the most parochial.

In His First Trips To Africa, UN Chief Guterres Seen Cutting A More Populist Figure Than Ki-Moon. Will He Deliver?

On his last visit to the African Union in Ethiopia, Ban Ki-Moon had an entourage of 79. By contrast, in January his successor Guterres arrived in Addis Ababa with just 2 other people.

Donors Not Writing Big Aid Cheques For Africa. There Will Be A Lot Of Pain – And That Could Be A Good Thing

Donors pledged $672 million in new money spread over three years, against an appeal target of $1.5 billion for 2017 for the Lake Chad region crisis. Miserly donors might actually be good – in the long run.

Gambia Crisis: Why Is West Africa Eager To Intervene, But Other Regional Groups Are Soft On Rogue Leaders?

Unlike other regions of Africa, there’s a growing body of former opposition leaders in power in ECOWAS, including Nigeria’s Buhari, Liberia’s Sirleaf and Senegal’s Sall. They know the pain

S. Africa ‘Restricts’ South Sudan Rebel Leader Machar, But Gives Freedom To Rwanda’s Dissidents. Why?

Three weeks ago when Riek Machar tried to return to eastern Africa, he was denied entry by Sudan and Ethiopia. Both countries were traditionally hospitable to him