Wakanda And Afrofuturism: The Africa Plot, Largely Black Cast And Production Team Makes ‘Black Panther’ Unique

Set in fictional Wakanda, a vibranium resource-rich and technologically advanced African country, it shattered records by selling more advance tickets than any previous superhero movie

With 120 Armed Groups, There’s So Much Violence In Eastern DR Congo, You Now Need An App To Keep Up

From June to November this year, at least 526 civilians were killed and 1,087 abducted or kidnapped for ransom in eastern DRC.

DR Congo, Tanzania And Zambia Are Africa’s Most ‘Neighbour-Rich’ Nations. What Do They Have To Show For It?

To the contrary, the countries with most neighbours are bettered by the likes of Rwanda, Mauritius and Ghana in having more open borders, with DRC being the most parochial.

Power-Poor Sub-Sahara Africa Has 229Kms Of Transmissions Lines Per Million People – Brazil Has 610Km!

The annual investment needed between 2015 and 2040 in all sectors of power production in Africa ranges between $33.4 billion to $63 billion per year.

Nigeria To Add 212 Million City Dwellers By 2050 – Equivalent To Present Population Of Germany, France And UK

In Benin’s capital Cotonou, Togo’s Lomé and Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou the informal sector accounts for over 80% of non-agricultural employment.