3D print of reovirus. Rotavirus, a type of reovirus, is the major worldwide cause of severe childhood diarrhea. (Photo/NIH/Flickr).

New Vaccine Against Diarrheal Disease That Kills 600 Children A Day Shows Great Promise In Niger Trial

A NEW vaccine against a diarrheal disease that kills roughly 600 children a day has worked well in a large trial in Africa and appears to be a practical way to protect millions of children in the future. The new vaccine against rotavirus – the most common cause of death from diarrhea in children under age 5 –was tested in Niger by Doctors Without Borders.

The vaccine is expected to be cheaper than current alternatives and can last for months without refrigeration, making it easier to use in remote villages without electricity.

The new study found that the vaccine was 67% effective in preventing severe episodes of rotavirus-related diarrhea. It must be approved by the World Health Organisation before it can be widely distributed, but experts hail the new vaccine as a huge leap forward.


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